Timesavers for Teachers Testimonials

Thanks for your consideration. I appreciate your help. I am not one to order things off the internet but your material looked very interesting.  I use the math book a lot and LOVE IT!  Thanks again.

Paula Brewer

Thank you so much for the link.  It is very refreshing to find someone so willing to provide updates to a great product at no further charge!  Am really enjoying using your ideas – and eternally grateful! All good wishes.

Fiona McCall
Burwood School in Orpington, Kent, England

I would like to thank you for the quick respond.  I did download my book.  It  was really easy.  I was impressed with the bank of comments you made.  It facilitates my life you have no idea.  Teaching  in French immersion and having to do all my report card in English is tremendous work for me.  I always need to find the right words to express myself in another language.  It take me sometimes hours and I don't count the time I spend correcting mistakes or syntax structure. When I read your comments, I just smile(smile of relief)!  Now I am ready for the next report card!  Thank you so much!

Martine Cyr
B.C., Canada

I am a Junior High School Science Teacher at Robert Stuart Junior High School in Twin Falls, Idaho.  I am highly certified in both Science and Math.  I currently teach 7th grade Life Science and once in a while am called on to teach Algebra I to 9th graders as demand is needed.  I have been teaching for over 14 years and still need reminding how to get organized once in a while.  Teacher’s Binder and Math Timesavers have helped me for many years to do just that!  At this time of the year (Christmas Break) I need to work on reorganizing and getting ready for the push into the New Year.  I am using some of the pages provided by Timesavers to help me reach my goal.  Included are: Things to Do lists, Teacher Purchased & Owned Supplies, Classroom Supplies lists, Use of Student Agenda lists, and for my Resource students pages to get them organized with goals and what their strengths and weaknesses are:  This is ME!, I.E.P. Questionnaire, My Goals for This Week!, Goals for the year, etc. Without the help of having these ready to reproduce pages I would have to recreate them. Thanks for The Teacher’s Binder what a fantastic product!

Jean Newman
Robert Stuart Junior High School, Twin Falls, ID

I am already using some of your excellent pages to help me get organized for the New Year… It is the best! Many Happy Returns…. With the Parent-Teacher contact logs, I keep a faithful record of e-mails, mailed letters, and phone calls to parents for both + and – reasons and provide a copy of that to my principal at the end of each term.  It's actually saved me a few times when a parent comes storming in demanding to know why their student failed this or was marked truant or whatever they were on the rampage for…The Teacher’s Binder helps me keep a detailed paper-trail to cover my butt! : - )

Jes Nyman
Fast Forward Charter High School, Logan, Utah, USA

Thank you so much for sending the update files.  I have purchased 6 of your books and love them all.

Bridget Salzman
Willow Creek Elementary School, Tomball, Texas

I'm overly anxious because I know your new book is so great. I already have the Teachers Binder, Math Timesavers, and Just Multiply It. What a blessing to have someone like you to get it all together for frenzied teachers like myself!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much. I am an aging teacher that wishes people like you would have been around when I first started teaching back in the dark ages. God bless you.

Barbara Will
Special Education teacher, Oklahoma City, Midwest City School, Traub Elementary, US

I would like to add another comment to your testimonials section. I ordered your "Teacher's Binder" book about 4 years ago.  I just want to let you know that I have used this book SO MUCH during this time, it is amazing!  It has paid for itself time and time again and it is one of my most valued resources in my collection! Thank you SO MUCH for offering this little piece of gold! Your Student Information Sheet,  This Is Me and My Goals pages are the perfect way to break the ice and get to know my students on an initial level during the first days of school.  I could go on for hours about how great the rest of the pages are, but I will let your prospective buyers learn that on their own. I have found that no matter what grade I am teaching The Teachers Binder is an amazingly useful tool.  It keeps my students and I organized and on track regardless of their age or the subject being taught. I cannot express how thankful I am and HOW MUCH TIME THAT YOU HAVE SAVED ME because of these wonderful tools.  I honestly think that all teachers colleges across Canada and the US should offer your books to their aspiring teachers.  It will be a useful tool for them for years to come!

Jennifer Flontek
grade 7/8 teacher Beaumont, Alberta, Canada

Your work is a masterpiece! I can hardly wait to get the particulars regarding my classes this year so that I can fill in the blanks of The Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit and be the envy of my fellow teachers.

James Hazelton
Mount Gleason Middle School, Los Angeles Unified School District, Sunland, CA, USA

Dear Stevan, my name is Erika Martin and I am an ESL teacher from Mexico, teaching in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I found you we site browsing sites for teachers and of course, I fell in love with your Teacher’s Binder. I respect your work and the fact that you take the time to carefully design something for us teachers who are also single parents and have no time whatsoever to do all the work you have so masterfully done! Oh! And of course you can take any part of what I have written for your comments (testimonials). Your work will make my life so much easier! Your ideas and designs are fabulous, from what I could see in the samples…congratulations on your foresight and creativity! My sister, who lives up north, in the state of Coahuila, is also an ESL teacher and I told  her about your Teacher's Binder and asked her to check it out, I told her  she'd go wild when she saw the samples so I'm just waiting for her to check  it out and order it for me!! Boy, am I happy! She also said that if she  likes it, she'll refer your site to her colleagues and so will I, since I know a large ESL teacher community here in Cuernavaca.

Erika Martin de Lasse
Cuernavaca, Mexico

I appreciate your patience with my lack of tech knowledge….you're a good guy!!

Karen Leasher
Spring Elementary School, Toledo, Ohio, USA

I just found your site and was very impressed with several of your books.

Mrs. Hilda Winner
ALC Intervention Specialist. K-12 Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, Ohio , USA

I came across a link to your site on one of the "Sites for Teachers.com" pages. I went to your site and ended up ordering the Teacher's Binder. I came back to the site later tonight and ordered two more of your great time savers.  When I visited the site tonight, I was curious about the author of these materials so I read your bio and looked at your beautiful and amazing works of art. I also read the article about your induction into the sports hall of fame and " the Last Supper in Pencil". I'm sure that you hear things like this all of the time, if you don't, you should…..I just wanted to tell you, in case no one has said this lately, you should be extremely proud of your accomplishments throughout your life. From what I've read, you are a remarkable person, athlete, artist, and teacher. So……thank you for creating these terrific materials for teachers. I need all of the organizational help I can get. ha. And, I think your artwork is beautiful. I can't believe the things that you have gone through with your health and still won medals in sporting events!  Also, what an awesome family you have. I'm just very impressed. I happen to think that people in today's world don't stop or take the time to say thank you to others or compliment them on a job well done. Everyone is in such a hurry and wrapped up in their own world. We could all learn from people and educators such as yourself.

7th grade teacher, North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

I have found the worksheets to be of a great benefit.  I haven't scanned each one yet but what I have seen so far, I am impressed.  Please keep sending me more forms, I love it.

Laurie Erickson
Yankton Christian School Yankton, SD

What a find!!!


One stop shopping, I love it.

Elaine Novak
5th grade teacher, Southampton, NJ, USA

I have just downloaded The Teacher’s Binder and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Jacqui Eddy

Just wanted you to know that I downloaded The Teachers Binder.  Thank you so much for your quick response and help. I greatly appreciated it.  The forms are just fantastic!  Keep up the good work!

Becky Souder
Maranatha School, Watsontown, PA, USA

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness. I have been looking for a program to print graph paper forms  from for a  long time, you really are a time saver. Keep up the excellent work!

Barbara A
Chio, USA

I recently bought The Teacher’s Binder. I love it!

Linda Hinman