Timesavers for Teachers Testimonials

Yes, I got back to the site and ordered EVERYTHING! These are really great products……I especially like the “Just Multiply It”. I truly love your products and I would be happy for you to pass along my comments. With that in mind, I would also like to add that the level of personal attention has been outstanding, and actually a very pleasant surprise! With everything becoming so impersonal, especially on the internet, I was thrilled to be dealing with a real person who not only answered my technical questions, but also followed up! The service alone is well worth the investment!! Thank you, Stevan, for your products and your guidance. You may publish any personal info that you would like. 

Lin Eney
I’ve been teaching for 20 years. I currently teach 4th grade at John W. Tolbert Elementary School in Leesburg, Virginia, (USA

We have visited your site. Being a retired teacher myself, your work is much appreciated. I would definitely state a must for all teachers – old and new alike.

David MacLennan
MacLinks WebSite owner, Ontario, Canada

Stevan it worked! I am very happy and love The Teacher’s Binder. Thank you for all your help.

Fran Kelcey

Thank you for the information. I was able to successfully download this file at school. Thank you for all of your hard work putting this together! It has saved me many hours. As a 1st year teacher, there are not enough hours in a day so this really helps! I look forward to utilizing more of your work!

Mrs. Sandy Ashcroft
Holy Family School, Red Deer, Alberta ,Canada

Everything worked fine, downloaded the file and printed it, so now it is ready to put in a binder for future use. Thanks for the help and the great timesaver sheets!


Thanks so much for sending the disk. I was able to get it loaded successfully. I will send the money for the Substitute Kit portion as well. Thank you for all your help and for offering such a helpful group of materials.

New Zealand

I am a resource teacher who works in a middle school in Stratford, CT with seventh graders. I work with a team of academic teachers, so I teach all subjects. My students are fully integrated into mainstream classes and have varying levels of ability. Some need many modifications and others just need to know they can get help when they are not sure how to do an assignment. Since many of my students need help with the seventh grade math curriculum, the worksheets from your Math Timesavers will be very useful.

Nancy Zychek
Stratford, CT, USA

I received the disk and was able to open it. Everything is great! I am very pleased with the Report Card and IEP Comments and other books. I will let my friends know about your web site and its benefits. I’m looking forward to seeing other usable materials that I can order. Thanks for sticking in there and helping me resolve my problem.


Thanks again for your fast response to my difficulties. Your support network is phenomenal. I printed out a few of your sample pages from the book “Teachers Binder” and they were of excellent quality. That is why I decided to purchase your book and I will definitely share it with my friends when we return to school next week. Hopefully, they too, will purchase it. Truly thank you for the speed with which you have responded to my emails. I look forward to purchasing your other books, especially The Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit as we are required to have something in place by early Sept. to accommodate a Supply teacher in our class and your resource will save me endless hours of work.

Diane Hull
Grade 5, Palgrave PS, Palgrave, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for your caring about whether or not I got The Teacher’s Binder downloaded. Good news! I did get it printed out and I am glad to have it! Your interest in your customers’ problems is appreciated.

Victoria J
Riegert, USA

Thanks for all the help!!!!! The Teacher’s Binder looks like a dream. I think it will save a lot of precious time!


Thank you for the Math Timesavers. I think they are fantastic! I have also learned how to save the files now so I feel really happy with the purchase. Keep up the great job you are doing providing such a service to busy teachers.

Colleen York
Alstonville, Australia

I found your download instructions very clear and easy to understand. It didn’t take long to download the files. I printed ALL of your books, bought heavy duty plastic protector sheets, and notebooks. I am now organized and added some of my own forms, etc. This system helps keep a new teacher on track. Thank you for your help. If you have any additional forms for new teachers or more timesavers, be sure to keep me informed.

Kathleen Taylor

I had no problem with the downloading and printing of the three books I purchased (Teacher’s Binder, Just Multiply It! and 1000 Quick Writing Ideas). When I go back to school in a couple of weeks I will share your website with my colleagues. I teach at Wiiji Nimbawiyaang which is on the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation west of London. I’ll look forward to seeing new publications. Have a good school year.


I ordered and printed The Teacher’s Binder yesterday- it looks like it will be very helpful. It’s going to be convenient to have everything altogether. Now that that worked out so well, I will order the Multiplication and the 1000 Writing Ideas books.

Carol-Anne Dendias
London, Ontario, Canada

I have used the 1000 Quick Writing Ideas straight away, and they have been a great hit with supply and students alike. What a find!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for the quick reply. I downloaded the newest version of acrobat reader and then try to download the Teachers Binder again and it worked. I think that I will find the binder very useful next school year. I teach special education in a small school and service K-12 grades. I need all the extra help I can get. Thanks for your time,

Stone J

I finally got to view The Teacher’s Binder. Great stuff! I know as a P/J teacher it will definitely save me time or should I say my insanity.

Brenda Echam

Thanks a lot! It is all printed and I know as a second year teacher that this binder will work out great!!! Thanks. 

Shelly Gibson
Fourth Grade teacher, Sulphur Spring Texas, USA

Whatever you did it worked….many thanks. I’m going to pass your website on to several of my colleagues. A suggestion Stevan, bundle the Teacher’s Binder and the Substitute Teacher’s Instruction Kit as a single product. Outstanding materials especially for second career teachers like me.

Don Sublett
Roanoke Catholic School, Roanoke, VA, USA