Timesavers for Teachers Testimonials

I have used The Teacher’s Binder many times and was so impressed that last week I bought 3 more books from the site as well.

Susan O’connor
Manford Primary School, Chigwell, Essex, England

The Teacher’s Binder looks like a dream!


I got back to the site and ordered EVERYTHING!

Lin Eney
Leesburg, Virginia, USA

When I came upon your site I felt as though I had found a gold mine! Wow! Everything is so professionally done! 

Brenda Roiniotis
5th Grade, Pleasant Prairie, WI, USA

I LOVE your teacher forms and the Teacher’s Binder has been a huge help. The forms are exactly what I wanted!

Mandy Hutto
Southwest Laurens Elementary School, Rentz, Georgia, USA

Many thanks, The Teacher’s Binder is more than I bargained for and I’m getting the bargain!

Cheryl S
John Welsh Elementary School, Philadelphia, USA

I have taught in Detroit for seventeen years, spending thousands of my own dollars along the way. I know a worthwhile product when I come across one.

Denise Gacki
Detroit, Michigan, USA

I am thrilled to have the Timesavers at my fingertips. I find them very creative and useful. I would recommend your teacher site to any educator new or old. I love Timesavers for Teachers.com.

Marnie Berg
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Finally all the forms I need in one place (Teacher’s Binder). We have been ordering time saving materials and when I came across your website, she said to me “Finally everything I need in one place”. Di is so motivated to get started up in September and your materials are a great help. Your detailed worksheets and forms take the guess work right out. We look forward to purchasing more timesaving materials as the year progresses. Also, the tech support you have given us was incredible! Thanks,

Di Butkus
Saint Ignatius Loyola School, NY, NY, USA

Excellent product…..well worth the price! I’ve been teaching for several years and have searched the Internet hours on end to put together materials to supplement our curriculum. When I came upon your site I felt as though I had found a gold mine! Wow! So many materials relevant to what I’m doing! Everything is so professionally done! I can’t wait for the school year to start! The best part was, immediately after paying, I was able to download and watch my Teacher’s Binder appear before my eyes within minutes….no waiting for the mail to come! And customer service….wow! Professional and polite….what a pleasure. Please, continue to create. I look forward to future products.

Brenda Roiniotis
5th Grade, Pleasant Prairie, WI, USA

I’ve been an eager viewer (and consumer) of your wonderful site for several years. I am a computer teacher in Detroit, MI. I have an on-line personality at Tapped In 2 http://ti2.sri.com/tappedin/ called “The Frugal Educator”. I give tips and tricks for obtaining quality no and low cost educational materials. I am writing to tell you that I am going to reference some of your great materials.

Rosemary Ellen Harris
The Frugal Educator” USA

I am very happy you exist

Robin E
Washington USA

I like your site very much, and have referred many of my workshop attendees to it. Thank you for bringing quality, appropriate materials to the desktops of teachers around the globe!

Kristen L
Hammond CEO EduPuppy.com USA

Thank you for your prompt attention and all your effort in assisting with the download of books. It re-affirms my faith that there are still conscientious people out there.

Dianna Bancke
West Linn, Oregon, USA

Thank you so much for your timely response. The link worked just fine. I am 24 years old so it is great to see such modern and fun yet professional time saving documents, awards, etc! I look forward to watching for new products from you, keep up the fabulous work! Oh, by the way it was great to receive such a quick response from you. It’s good to know that there is actually great “customer service” still out there. You are a true asset to the teaching community! Thanks again!

Jamie Lothridge
Toledo, Ohio, USA

I have purchased a number of your books during the past two years and I am thoroughly impressed with both the professional presentation and the user-friendly format. Why reinvent the wheel when you have put everything together in one document? Thank you so much for the insight and the time you have given to make these resources available world-wide to teachers. I would like to be informed of future updates in your timesavers please. I have found all the ones I have purchased worthwhile.

Colleen York
Alstonville, Australia

I am thrilled to have the Report Card Comments at my fingertips. I find them very creative and useful. I would recommend your website to any educator new or old. Thank you for everything. I love the Timesavers.

Marnie Berg
Elementary School Teacher, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dear Stevan, please keep me informed of all new materials! I am a principal of a small private school. Your ideas and worksheets are very useful to us. Thank you

Hannah Vickery
Elementary School Principal, USA

I love your books – especially the Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit. When I was away in Dec. it was great to know that all the information was already in the binder for the incoming supply teacher. It sure is great for the unexpected absences. Everything is there and even things you hadn’t thought of be need to be there are included. I downloaded your book, copied the pages I like for my Supply Teacher Book and kept a blank so I can prepare easily for next year!!!!

Diane Hull
Grade 5, Palgrave P.S., Palgrave, Ontario, Canada

The Teacher Binder is an efficient way to prepare for a new school year without forgetting some of the little details that are so important in starting the year off right. I feel that every student teacher should get a copy of the Teacher Binder before starting their first year of teaching. It is so easy to have all of the forms a teacher needs in one binder. What a great idea! 

Karen Latiolais
Lafayette Parish School System, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA