What Is the Purpose of Comments in a Report Card?

Posted by | July 22, 2022

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Report card comments are intended to be a personalized roadmap of a student’s learning challenges and successes. Whether the writer uses this opportunity to express a clear message or is bound by an administration-required language, the comment section should never be left blank.

Report card comments are more than a communication method to keep parents or guardians abreast of their child’s education. The purpose of report card comments varies depending on the student and teacher. For students, these comments offer feedback and suggestions on where the student needs to improve while serving as a guide on their success. For teachers, report card comments are a way to express their concerns, and praise about a student is a constructive way.

To further explore the world of creating appropriate report card comments, we will look at the most commonly used tips and tricks of educational support.

Focus Your Comments on the Student

Depending on the school district’s policy, there may be no clear guidelines when writing report card comments. Generally, it is recommended that the comments remain focused on the student rather than the class lessons. Using examples of the student’s study challenges and strengths will clearly demonstrate their capabilities as opposed to using “teacher jargon”.

Use a Report Card Comments Bank

A report card comments collection can be one of the most valuable tools to a teacher, especially during the hectic reporting season. At the beginning of the year, create a report card comments bank for each student, adding to it throughout the semester. This can also help a teacher gauge the student’s learning curve before the report card is released.

Connect with Parents Before Report Card Season

Home support, which usually includes the parents, is one of the most important relationships to maintain for both the student and the teacher. Everyone involved, including the student, must have a clear understanding of the lesson plan and what is expected from each person. Beginning a relationship with the home support team on a bad foot can set the tone for the year.

Be Constructive and Positive

A report card comment section is the opportunity to address any concerns using a positive note. When stating areas where the student requires improvement, be sure to include the areas the student excels in as well. This can relate to their homework, projects, or classroom behaviors.

Be Honest and Professional

Above all, be honest, and professional when creating report card comments. Even the inattentive students depend on a teacher’s ability to motivate and inspire them. Address a student’s struggles or challenges with a solution. Nothing can be changed if it is not first acknowledged.

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