What Are the Advantages of Report Card Comments

Posted by | October 26, 2022

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For teachers, report card comments are a key tool in communicating the status of a student’s learning curve to students, their caregivers, and to other education professionals. By following a formulated style of grading, teachers can measure achievements, strengths, and areas where student improvement is needed.

Report card comments should be based on the results of tests, homework, projects, assignments, and presentations. This section can also be used to reflect on the classroom behavior and outcome of one-on-one interactions with the student.

What Are Standards-Based/Proficiency-Based Report Cards?

Standards-based report cards focus on grade-level standards individually. The student’s behavior in the classroom is not reflected in this form of reporting remarks. The expectation of the student’s progress is measured from one marking period to the other.

Based on the expectations, students are evaluated on a proficiency-based report card system. The assessment can be evaluated by using the numbers 1 through 4 with 1 equating as expectations “not met”, 2 being “nearly met”, 3 for “meets expectations”, and 4 is the highest at “exceeded”.  These forms of measurement describe the skills and concepts within each subject to mark their progress.

What Is the Main Purpose of the Teacher’s Remarks?

The purpose of report card comments is to have documentation of a student’s learning progress throughout the school year based on their academic achievements. Each comment should reflect the individual’s performance as opposed to the class outcome.

When writing the comment, it is vital to focus on encouraging words and use positive language to offer a form of corroboration to the student and the home support team. This form of charting a student’s progress keeps the student’s parents or guardians and other teachers abreast of the needs of the student.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Report Card?

In addition to informing interested parties of the student’s current learning developments, there are several advantages of report card comments. In Ontario, report cards focus on six main work habits and learning skills. This remains constant through grades one to 12.   

Responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative, and self-regulation are emphasized. These six values, combined with the academic indicators, help support what is needed for a student to be successful at this level. Monitoring these skills can also help to catapult the student towards the education and work experience they need to succeed in life.

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