Tips to Organize and Optimize Report Card Comment Writing

Posted by | June 26, 2023

Creating report card comments takes innovation, not to mention extensive time. Putting in the effort to formulate a well-organized plan for writing report card comments can benefit not only you, the teacher, but the student as well.

Writing report card comments involves using examples of tests, exams, and assignments the student has completed over weeks and months of schoolwork. New and experienced teachers can benefit from helpful ways to enhance tasks and save time during one of the busiest times of the school year. Here are some tips:

Finalize the Template in Advance

Depending on the school advisory committee, report cards follow a specific outline and template to unify different grade levels and subjects. Before it is needed, create a report card template that works for you while following the school’s curriculum guidelines.

Create a Schedule

With the busy and hectic schedule that a teacher follows, adding time for collecting information for each individual student may seem overwhelming. Add a few minutes after marking assignments, tests, or other school-related work to record a couple of sentences in the student’s file. This can help reduce the time needed when writing report card comments.

Keep Your Data in an Organized Way

Organization in any form is a major time management tip for teachers. Data collection through a specific educational management system or in software chosen by the teacher can be valuable in saving time and reducing hassle.

Use a Report Card Comments Bank

Seasoned teachers understand the importance, and timesaving gem, that maintaining a report card comment bank can be, especially at stressful times such as report card deadlines. Keeping a regular journal of a student’s marks, skills, and progress can be helpful when crunch time comes.

Have Skill Assessment and Marks Data Ready

One important timesaving tip is preparing a skill assessment for each individual student before completing the report card comment section. The assessment should include all available marks collected throughout the term in the appropriate format to be used with report cards. This information can be considered as evidence to support the report card comments.

Proofread the Completed Comments

A teacher must follow their own advice to students by proofreading all report card comments. Editing grammatical errors will encourage students, and parents, that proper teaching methods are being used. When writing report card comments, read, reread, and reread the section again before submitting the report to the school.

Use TIMESAVERS For Teachers Report Card Comments Collection

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