Tips For Writing Meaningful Report Card Comments on Student Writing Skills

Posted by | June 19, 2024

One of the best ways to motivate your students is through constructive report card comments, especially when it comes to their writing skills. The right comments can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and support them in their academic endeavours.

However, formulating encouraging comments for students can be tough. It takes clear and precise communication, and above all, impeccable writing skills on the teacher’s part. Below, we provide some tips for crafting meaningful comments on your students’ writing skills.

Provide Clear and Actionable Feedback

Using the power of specificity, you can create influential comments about your students’ writing skills that are clear and concise. Choose verbs that express achievement and accomplishment, such as “improved”, “increased”, or “gained”. As an educator, you have the unique power to use your own specialized writing skills for your report card comments. Remember that positive reinforcement matters. Focus on the strengths within their writing to uncover the areas where improvement is needed. Bringing improvements to light can provide your students with motivation, encouragement, and inspiration.

Tailor Report Card Comments for Different Skills

Each student has diverse needs that need to be addressed. The report card comments about their writing skills should be specific to the student’s abilities. This can provide valuable insight to educators and parents who are involved in the student’s learning plan. Try these tactics:

  • Use skill-specific report card comments that include exact examples of the student’s academic performance. 
  • Ensure students understand the grammar structure and the mechanics of their work. Having a better grasp of grammar can help students improve their writing skills. 
  • Encourage students to expand their vocabulary and learn new words, both of which can improve students’ overall writing skills. 
  • The feedback in the report card comments should be organized in a clear and structured manner so that students and the home support system can easily understand. 
  • Developing arguments (with examples) strengthens your comments and gives the students and their home support system a better understanding of how they can improve. 

Work with Students on Improvement 

When writing report card comments for students, always involve the students when it comes to actionable goals and achievement plans. By working with each student to develop a learning plan customized to their needs, you can strengthen your bond of trust with the student. Holding students accountable and involving them in the learning process encourages students to take ownership of their work, helping them to develop a sense of responsibility for their learning.

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