Tips for Making Your Grading as Quick and Efficient as Possible

Posted by | September 23, 2020

It’s back to school season and depending on where you live you might be going back to the classroom to teach your students. Now that the lockdown is over and school is back in session, it might be a good time to ensure that you are being as efficient as possible with your grading and report card comments. Here are some tips for making your grading as quick and high-quality as possible whether you are teaching in a classroom or online.

Pick the Optimal Time

When grading, choose the best time of day for you and stick to it. If you are most alert first thing in the morning and you find that your mind is clearer, grade then. You could also grade after a workout or when you get home from work, as long as you have a clear mind and energy to focus. Your grading habits will be much easier when you devote a specific time every day to chip away at it.

Choose the Best Place

Just as there is the right time to grade, there is also the right place. Choose somewhere with as few distractions as possible or with a quiet hum of background noise if that helps you concentrate. This could be your classroom, your home office, or a quiet café.

Don’t Grade Everything

Depending on the expectations for your school’s curriculum you might have the freedom to determine what is and is not worth grading. Take advantage of this opportunity. Choose the most important assignments and participation elements for grading, but don’t feel obligated to grade every single thing your students do. This way, you can make the most of the time you have without spending every evening grading large amounts of work.  

Break It Down into Manageable Chunks

Staring down a huge stack of papers or exercise books can be exhausting, so make your grading process easier by breaking it down into chunks. Organize your grading work into smaller piles, so you have a physical boundary for how much work you need to get done each time you sit down to grade. Prioritize the piles in order of what is due first, and it will take some pressure off. You can also arrange them by complexity and get through the easy work first.


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