Tips and Techniques for Writing Comments for Report Cards

Posted by | March 29, 2023

Schoolboy e-learning with teacher's assistance during computer class in the classroom.

With March Break over, the time between now and the end of school will zip by fast! It will soon be time to begin writing comments within the report card comment section.

Before the overwhelming feelings set in, we have compiled several tips and techniques to help you make the most of this important endeavour. Remember that every report card comment can have an impact on the future learning of a student.

Be Honest When You Start Writing

One of the vital report card comment ideas that hold true for every student is that you should always write with honesty. The actions of a student depend largely on the learning environment they are exposed to. Any obstacles in the learning curve must be addressed only if the necessary tools have been made available to the student and home support system by the teacher.

Share Actionable Thoughts Through Your Comments

With students who may need extra help in a subject or with classroom behaviour, a plan of action should be outlined within the comments. Do not assume the home support person(s) is aware of problems the student may be facing at school. Inviting a meeting between all interested parties with the goal to formulate a plan with actions that involve the student, the teacher, and the home support can be beneficial. 

Mention Important Areas of Growth

Report card comments are intended to outline a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Reflecting on how the student has seen growth in a particular subject or behaviour is vital to express support for the continuing growth of the student. Be sure to focus on areas of development, whether that be in reading, math, or even classroom participation.

Mention Important Areas of Improvement

It may be evident based on the grading which area(s) the student needs improvement in. Expand on this with suggested steps that can be taken to help the student excel in the subject or behaviour. The strategy requires options that the school, the student, and the home support system need to take to make improvements.

End with a Positive Comment

This is a crucial step in writing report card comments. Opening and closing with a positive statement tie the necessary strategies together in a respectful and honest matter. This helps to give the student and the home support system reassurance that help is always available and that you have the student’s best interest in mind.

Always Proofread Your Comments

Every reliable source for comment ideas reiterates this point: proofreading is vital! Once you have finished writing, proofread the comments to ensure all points were properly addressed professionally and your comments are grammatically correct. In addition to the fact that any communication from a teacher needs to be presented in an authoritative manner, it is a reflection of the official educational system.

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