The Benefits of Report Cards Comments

Posted by | September 23, 2021

Make no mistake: report cards have structure. Since so many have to be generated for so many students, it’s a time-consuming process. But it’s still an important task for any teacher to ensure they’re completed properly.

Though they can be painful to read at times, report cards are actually a good way for both students and parents to track progress in the student’s educational evolution.

When it comes to commenting, it’s necessary to pay attention to what phrasing is used. Too often teachers go wild with comments, both positive and negative. Certain terms are better to use, like “well-done” or “very satisfactorily” for success, while using “seldom” or “needs improvement” are better for areas the students are lacking in. 

Here are some advantages of using report card comments:

Easy Assessment Method

This is when you decide on how to evaluate students, often with the traditional letter grade, such as “A”, “C+”, etc. Some schools disregard this system as being old-fashioned, but the easy assessment of letter grades and similar scales of evaluation are all encompassing of different terms or semesters of students’ studies. The main benefit of this assessment process is for parents to get their child’s academic achievements at a glance.

Shows the Student’s Track Record

By further sticking with an easy assessment system for all students, teachers and parents have their own recognizable scale of how students are improving and evolving. Report cards are important for students because it’s a great way to track their progress. Students are evaluated in so many facets in their life—career, sports, music, etc. And if done correctly, report cards can show the student’s natural abilities and interests, along with the areas they can work to improve in. 

Provides Student Motivation

It goes without saying that letter grades offer students a way to see where they stand and how they can achieve more with effort and inspiration. They will also see what they need to achieve certain goals further down the road of their studies, such as scholarships or college admissions.

Accuracy Issues

One thing that cannot be forgotten is that letter and easier assessment grades help articulate so much together—test scores, project efforts, skills in certain areas as opposed to others. You can keep the report card simple while being comprehensive too.


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