Best Practices and Techniques for Teachers to Write Report Card Comments

Posted by | November 24, 2023

Report Card Comments Techniques

Writing report card comments is a hit-or-miss opportunity to educate and connect with students, their parents, and other educators. There are various practices and techniques for teachers to use to produce effective comment sections to support the continuing education of each student. 

Fundamental Principles of Assessment and Evaluation for Teachers

The Province of Ontario regulates fundamental principles of assessment and evaluation for teachers that are to be used for writing report card comments. These pre-determined provincial standards involve fair and transparent information, provides full student support, allow for individual student learning opportunities, and provide timely feedback. 

Ontario teachers are also provided with a general outline for how to assess the learning skills and habits of their students, depending on the grade. Responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative, and self-regulation are the key categories to focus on within the report card comment section. 

Time-Saving Techniques for Writing Report Cards

Reduce the stress of preparing for report card season by implementing the following time-saving tips for writing report cards. 

Keep Your Data Organized

For an efficient and comprehensive comment section, use electronic organization systems to store report card data. Having all information in respect to homework completion, test scores, and reports in one file location will help reduce the time spent searching for accurate data to write the report card comments. 

Finalize Your Formulas, Gradings, Data Formats, etc.

In conjunction with the school’s regulations, create a template to support your calculation methods for the final report markings. This will allow you to create a complete and inclusive outline for all gradings and data formats. 

Create a Comment Bank

A report card comment bank helps you to have a reliable source of information at a time when organization and efficiency is vital. Creating a file to write feedback and remarks on the student’s learning progress, strengths, weaknesses, and classroom behaviour throughout the term will save time during report card season. 

Skills and Assessments Should Be Ready

Your data file and comment bank can be used to organize and create a skill assessment section for each individual student. Using the chosen template, a teacher can coordinate marks from all subjects to have the skills and assessments ready for report card time. 

Exam Marks Should Be Kept Ready

Make sure to have the results of exams and tests presented in an orderly manner so that they can be easily understood by the student, parents, and other educators. There are programs you can use that allow you to input scores and marks throughout the term and have them be calculated with the final exam mark for a total grade. 

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