Signs to Identify Weak Students in the Classroom

Posted by | November 24, 2022

Preparing report card comments involves concentrated effort and time on the teacher’s part to ensure all students receive fair and individualized communication on their learning development. Here’s how to identify weak students in the classroom.

Signs of Weak Students in the Classroom

By acknowledging the reason behind a student falling behind or lack of motivation with one or more particular subjects, the teacher is then able to develop a sound learning plan.

A student with poor reading skills may have trouble properly reading sentences aloud. This form of literacy weakness can be reflected in their work via poor writing skills. Check for grammatical and spelling errors as well as neatness of the handwriting.

The academic weakness of a student can be easily identified in observation of their behavior. They may exhibit poor self-esteem that can be represented by the poor body posture of the student.

If a student is not able to talk directly to the teacher with eye contact, they often will avoid interaction. A weak student does not voluntarily participate in a class or speak unless spoken to by the teacher.  

How Do You Write Report Card Comments for Weak Students?

When writing report card comments for weak students, there should be a delicate balance between addressing concerns without having negative comments overpower the communication.

Mention Positive Comments as Well

Make sure to use positive reinforcement when communicating the level of the student’s learning. Report cards are the best time for a teacher to address concerns while highlighting the small and big achievements of the student.

Be Honest and Inspire Students

For those students that struggle in one or more subjects, teachers can use the report card comments to motivate students. While it is important that the concern is addressed in the teacher’s remarks, the solutions as well as the successes of the student should also be clear.

Include Parents

Too many times a report card will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the student without providing possible involvement of the parents. Use this time to suggest a learning path that can be followed by the student with the help of the parents and you.

Mention Room for Improvement

In the remarks, it is important to give direct examples of where improvement can be made. The direction of learning needs to represent the learning pattern of said student. Make sure to provide options for both the student and the parent that might help the student improve.

Proofread Your Report Card Before You Send It

It is imperative to double-check the comment section, particularly those for students who portray a weakness in a subject. Aside from grammatical errors, it is easy to allow your frustration to be emitted through specific wordings.

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