How Report Card Comments Can Boost Student-Teacher Relationships

Posted by | October 23, 2019

Establishing a positive and healthy student-teacher relationship can be helpful and beneficial in multiple ways. In the academic and social environment, it can improve self-esteem, boost engagement, and so much more for students, and these results can be long-lasting for both the teacher and the student. Positive relationships between teachers and students can be established through effective teacher report card comments, which communicate positive expectations, demonstrate care, and develop confidence in the classroom. Here are some important benefits to know about positive report card comments.

Promotes Academic Success

Through report card remarks, teachers can help students promote academic success by highlighting their strengths and giving suggestions on how to improve weaker areas. Report card comments help to establish a strong bond between the student and teacher and can inspire students to do better throughout the semester. As teachers express positive expectations for each student, present them with opportunities to participate in class, and show they are confident in students’ ability to succeed, a healthier academic relationship can be achieved.

Reduces Behavior Problems

Another benefit of establishing healthy relationships between students and teachers is that it promotes a classroom that is free of behavioral disruptions and conflicts. When teachers can create a learning environment that has mutual respect between themselves and the students, students tend to respond better to correction when they misbehave. Some examples of correcting student misbehaviour in a non-confrontational and positive manner include the following:

  1. Speak with students privately about the misbehaviour to avoid embarrassment
  2. Acknowledge students’ feelings to understand what caused the behaviour
  3. Review school policy with students at the beginning of the semester or post them on the wall to remind students of the rules
  4. Follow up with students after they have faced the consequences of their misbehaviour

Helps Develop Self-Worth and Improved Mental Health

To help students develop a stronger sense of worth and better mental health, it is valuable to find opportunities to praise students by acknowledging good work. Students who don’t feel good about themselves or those who are considered at-risk react well to positive reinforcement from their teachers and other students. Create opportunities for you and your students to offer positive feedback for each other, such as after a presentation.


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