Navigating Your First Report Card: Tips for Success

Posted by | May 31, 2023

first report card

The through of report card time can send shivers down the spines of even the most experienced teachers. For new teachers, the first report card can be even more daunting.

Report card comments serve as a measurement of a student’s progression for teachers, parents, and the student. To be effective, comments should be properly written to provide insight into a student’s weaknesses and strengths with respect to their educational attributes.

Keeping a report card comments bank may help new teachers gain their footing in their career path. Below are some tips!

How to Survive the First Report Card

Confused or apprehensive about writing that first report card? Consider the following tips to ensure the new school year begins seamlessly.

Always Plan Ahead

This cannot be stressed enough. Plan ahead when it comes to work plans and report cards alike. As the report cards are written months apart, keep a weekly diary of a student’s work or progression through each individual subject. The journal should contain samples of the student’s work including quizzes, testing scores, and essay papers to be shown to the student and parents when the time arises.

Do Not Copy and Paste Comments

Report card comments need to be authentic. Books and online support groups can offer samples of subject-related comments but cannot be used as is to describe the individual student. Remember that no two students learn or process information the same. To save time, some generic report card comments can be used to structure the comment but should be tailored to the student.

Provide Open and Honest Communication

An important tip for new teachers is to provide open and honest communication with report card comments. This includes highlighting the weaknesses as much as the strengths the student displays in classroom work and behavior. A student, and their home support system, cannot improve in needed areas if it is not clearly pointed out.

Always Give Positive Feedback and Tips for Improvement

When writing about a student’s learning curve, be sure to give positive feedback and tips in areas where they may need improvement. Discuss the train of thought with the individual student to ensure they are aware of your expectations and to gather their thoughts to avoid miscommunication.

Make Sure the Facts Support Your Comments

For effective report card comments, any information given should be backed up with facts and examples of the student’s work. Stating more emphasis needs to be placed in one subject is not enough to accurately represent the student.

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