How to Write Report Card Comments for Students with Challenging Behaviour

Posted by | August 24, 2022

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The new school year is fast approaching. Get prepared with a report card comments collection! Report card comments can have a large impact on students, parents, and future educators, so it is important to write the appropriate words. Every student deserves to have support, particularly the ones who seem to struggle.

Writing report card comments for struggling students can be challenging to organize and write. This is when it is crucial to consider each individual student’s needs and progress. Consider the report card comments for different types of students. Be careful not to use negative comments to describe a student’s behavior or learning abilities. Here are some other tips to consider when writing report card comments for students with challenging behavior.  

For the Student Who Talks All the Time

There is always at least one student who talks nonstop, regardless of who they may be seated next to. Instead of saying “will not stay quiet”, consider rephrasing it to something more positive or that alludes to something the student is “learning” to do. For example, write: “Bob is learning to respect others in the classroom” or “Bob is learning to use classroom time efficiently”.

For the Student Who Is Always Off the Task

Most classroom disruptions can usually be traced back to one student in particular. This is the student who seems to have a hard time focusing on the task at hand or staying in their seat. If the student needs to be reminded to concentrate, make sure to reinforce that they are accomplishing tasks “with support”. For example, write: “Bob is learning to focus on his work with support”, or “With support, Bob can improve his ability to stay on task”.

For the Student Who Doesn’t Want to Work in Groups

Group projects are a valuable tool in the development of students’ education and team-building skills. A student may find it discerning to rely on others to be responsible for their own part in a group project. If the student has trouble working in groups, the keywords to use in the report card comment section are “finds it difficult”. For example, write: “Bob finds it difficult to focus in a group setting” or “Bob prefers to work alone as he finds it difficult to work with others”.

For the Student Who Is Disorganized

When a student appears to be disorganized in their writing, time management, or keeping a neat and tidy desk, it can affect their schoolwork. Using the word “goal(s)” can target the underlying problem. For example, write: “Bob needs to work on his goals of presenting work in a timely and orderly fashion” or “Bob can achieve his academic achievements by focusing on his goals”.

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