How to Write Positive & Meaningful Report Card Comments

Posted by | June 23, 2022

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Report card time is one of the few chances a teacher has to influence both the student and the parent with meaningful report card comments. While the purpose of writing report card comments can differ for the teacher, parent, and student, the intention is to measure the student’s academic progress.

Being responsible for setting students’ futures on track with learning techniques and notes can cause anxiety and apprehension. To alleviate some of this pressure, we have some suggestions to help teachers customize meaningful and positive report card comments.

Focus on the Student’s Efforts and Strategies

For positive report card comments, focus on the style of learning that brings the student success. The efforts made by the student in developing learning skills can instill confidence and a strong desire to improve. Consider using examples of class participation and behavior as well as the student’s ability to tackle a challenging lesson.

Give Positive Feedback on Progress

When writing report card comments, give positive feedback to provide a sense of validation and accomplishment. This form of encouragement can help the student aspire to be dedicated in areas that may need improvement. Allowing parents to have a form of visual tracking of their child’s progress offers better communication between the teacher and the home support team.

Frame Challenges as Opportunities for Growth

Focusing on the positive aspects of a student’s learning curve needs to be balanced with attention to challenges they may be facing. Include factual examples of obstacles the student may have in language that promotes growth opportunities. These can be expressed by describing how the student can improve or develop new skills to assist in a challenging task.

Communicate Often with Parents

The school year can pass very quickly. While many wait until report card time to notify parents of their child’s scholastic achievements or classroom behaviors, communicating with them more often is highly recommended. Whether the student is excelling or struggling in any subject or behavior, keeping a regular line of communication open with the parents can ensure a successful school year for the teacher, the student, and the parent(s).

Avoid Highly Detailed Curriculum Descriptions

Depending on the school’s report card guidelines, the specific curriculum may be required to be outlined. If so, be sure to touch on the key points of a subject only as it applies to the individual student. In most cases, the parent and the student know the basics of the subject at hand, so the aspects of how it is understood and utilized by the student in the class should be the focus.

Provide Specific Recommendations for Improvement

Keep in mind that report card comments are a guide for not only the student and parent but also for other members of the teaching staff. By providing recommendations for improvement, a teacher can help direct the required learning path for a student’s successful education. These suggestions need to be point-specific in terms of the student’s current learning capabilities and strategies for improvement.

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