How Teachers Can Assess Students’ Performance in Class

Posted by | September 23, 2022

Report card comments need to be clear, concise, and suggestive to help students improve along their education route. While creativity is key to writing informative report card remarks, the goal is to stimulate learning and give a true assessment of each individual student.

Tracking a student’s progress and performance in class requires organization and precise evaluation. There are research-proven methods to properly form an accurate assessment. Try the following tasks to assess students’ performance.

Change the Weighting Scale

Common report card comments for students are based on a grade created by assignments, exams, quizzes, tests, projects, and homework completion. The final exam may be worth 50% of the year’s grade, while homework assignments may be 25% of the stake with projects making up the last 25%. Where applicable, placing less weight on daily assignments may help provide a true notion of the student’s progress.

Try Brainstorming

For many, the student’s performance is dependent on the learning environment. Consider presenting new material in a group format. This will create an opportunity for brainstorming within a group of peers through shared discussions. The participation rate, interest, and knowledge on the pre-taught subject can be evaluated through a Q&A.

Use Informal Observation

Assessing the learning capability and desire of a student can be measured through informal observation. Some students may “freeze” when called upon in class for a question. By engaging students in a learning activity, the teacher can quietly observe their ability to study, write, create, and work in a classroom. This may provide a critical assessment of a student’s learning curve.

Allow for Self-Assessment

Self-assessment forces students to learn about their own learning abilities. It can help a student understand the level of learning they are at by reflecting on their own process. Self-assessment stimulates a student to stay motivated and hopefully set their own educational goals.

Try the Minute Paper Method

Have you tried the minute paper method with your class? After each teaching session, lecture, or introduction to new material, have the students write a summary of the lesson. Only allow 4 to 6 minutes for the write-up. Choose a few students to share their discoveries and hold a class discussion.

Measure the Student’s Decision-Making Skills

As report card comments for teachers are a measurement of students’ performance in class, be sure to investigate all aspects of the student’s learning. Use familiar and modern-day problem-solving situations to gauge their decision-making skills. Encourage each student to give their own input using critical thinking skills.

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