How Can I Give Comments to a Student on a Report Card?

Posted by | February 24, 2022

Report Card Writing

Writing student report card comments is an important task to communicate each student’s strengths and weaknesses to the parents, as well as to other educators. By measuring a student’s progress, a teacher is able to concentrate on their needs. To help with this influential task, we have compiled tips for writing effective report card comments.

Employ the Sandwich Feedback Technique

The sandwich feedback technique can be beneficial if applied properly and carefully. It is important to begin the comment section with a positive notation to set the stage for being a supporter of the student. By doing this, you are conveying to the parents, and the student, that you recognize the strengths of the student. Follow through with the main concern you have and then end with another positive comment related to the topic.

Be Encouraging, Informational, and Professional

With report card remarks, maintain professionalism when referring to adverse comments or a delicate situation. Use supportive and positive language for all comments to build a trusting relationship with the parents. Clearly explain any concerns and offer solutions that involve the parents, student, and the school resources.

Expand on Areas of Improvement

Be sure to highlight a student’s growth in a subject whether it be a small or significant positive change. As every student learns at a different pace, there is always room for improvement and, oftentimes, the level of learning is met and exceeded. The student’s attitude and cooperation can always be addressed if this is seen as an important achievement or improvement.

Be Honest About the Student

Use tact and positive reinforcement, to be honest about the student’s work ethic, attitude, class participation, and development. Present examples where possible to support your comments. If the student is struggling, this is a good time to offer resources and solutions as a supportive tool.

Create a Report Card Comment Bank

A teacher’s greatest tool may be to create a report card comment bank. In addition to saving time, a comment bank can direct the flow of the note section. Many teachers find it helpful to use comment bank statements in combination with their own thoughts.

Proofread Your Comments

Above all else, proofread your report card comments. Some schools may provide this service by administration staff or the principal but remember it is your name on the dotted line. Students can’t expect to accept criticism if the teacher can’t take the time and effort to ensure the comment section is legible and concise.

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