Essential Points & Proofreading Tips for Report Card Comments

Posted by | March 28, 2022

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Report card comments are crucial learning tools for both the teacher and the student but only if the comments convey a specific message. Rather than glossing over the strengths and weaknesses of a student’s learning curve, the message should inspire ambition by examples.

Before composing any form of report statement, use the following tips to source the underlying message you want to communicate. Effective report card comments should be precise and reflective of the limitations and the strengths the student has demonstrated in their work and in the classroom.

Why Do We Write Report Card Comments?

Report card remarks are essential for measuring the academic and behavioral progress of a student throughout the school year. The comments also act as a gauge for teachers of all classes as a student tends to have strengths in various subjects.

Students’ report card comments are just as important for the parent and student as they are for the school. To have a student engaged in their education, it takes support from sources other than just the teacher.

A parent or guardian needs to understand where the student falls within the current curriculum to take steps to guide or encourage them to work on areas they may lack. Using honest and straight-to-the-point phrases and examples can help everyone involved.

Report Card Comments Essential Points

Focus on Positive Attributes

Be supportive in the comment section, especially in areas where improvement is needed. Using positive reinforcement such as “require” or “makes an effort” for subjects the student is struggling with can express appropriate concern without belittling the student.

Apply Behaviour Encouragement

Use constructive criticism when addressing cooperation and behavior in the classroom. Providing suggestions for growth were needed as a student’s conduct can have an effect on their academic performance. Encourage class participation.

Inspire Good Academic Habits

Recognize a student’s class preparedness, especially if it is an area where improvement is required. Stress the importance of having assignments and homework completed on time as it can reflect on their grades, ability to learn, and further academic endeavors.

Proofreading Tips for Report Card Comments

With report card writing, taking time to review and proofread cannot be stressed enough. It is easy to transfer feelings of being overwhelmed and negativity onto paper (or tablet), not to mention grammatical errors.

  • Use a spellchecker and grammar check program when reviewing comments.
  • Proofread comments when your mind is at its best (morning, lunchtime, evening).
  • Read the comments slowly and out loud as it is a great way to catch errors.
  • Double-check the spelling of names.
  • Use the student’s name frequently to convey individuality.
  • Ask a reliable source to proofread to ensure comments are clear and concise.

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