How to Write Report Card Comments for Average Achievers

Posted by | August 17, 2023

Creating personalized report card comments for average students can be challenging at the best of times. However, writing appropriate report card comments is extremely important for students that produce average grades on a consistent basis. What do you say when the student hasn’t improved or declined throughout the school year. Here are some tips to consider.

Tips to Write Report Card Comments for Average Students

Report card remarks are intended to offer support for all students while highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses for each student. Having detailed and personalized report card comments for average students can be rewarding.

Consider Why the Student Is Average

Does the student complete assignments and pay attention in class but still only produces average grades? Or do the lower grades result from a less interested student who may be disruptive in class? Consider the habits and behaviour of the student when writing report card comments.

Highlight the Positive Aspects of the Student

Positive report card comments can go a long way in supporting a student to continue their studies and improve any behaviour issues seen in the classroom. Focusing on the positive aspects of a student will also provide a sign of respect and encouragement for the student by their teacher.

Be Honest and Inspiring

To write effective report card comments, include encouragement and inspiration with all negative and positive notes. An honest approach allows for an open-door policy wherein the student feels comfortable in reaching out for help.

Disclose What You Will Do

Offer recommendations and suggestions to improve a student’s grades and/or behaviour. Useful activities, strategies, and interventions such as tutor work, extra assignments, and other related educational approaches can be implemented.

Make Sure to Include the Parents

Within the report card comments, it is important to involve the parents or home support system in the endeavours to help the student make progress in their schoolwork. Academic and behaviour performance can be improved with the help of those in the student’s life.

Always Proofread the Remarks

Proofreading is the key to presenting your message to the student and to the home support system in a professional manner. Grammatical errors and inconsistent messages in a report card comment section can offset the importance behind the communication.

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