8 Things You Can Do to Be Ready for Report Writing Season

Posted by | May 20, 2022

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As we tell our students to be prepared for class each day, we too, as teachers, must be prepared for report card season. Report card comments are the steppingstones to a student’s future education endeavors.

If you find yourself overwhelmed each time report card season arrives, here are eight tips to help you get better prepared.

Be Specific

Whether you have 50 report cards to complete or 20, be student-specific in the comment section. Writing a sentence or two about a specific assignment or action the student did will give you a foundation for your comments. This may include an improvement seen in a subject or the student’s classroom behavior.

Know What You Need to Report from the Beginning

In the initial stages of planning the semester lessons, design a system that works best for you. This resource may include sections to place markers of targets for each student in your classes. Leaving things to chance could mean important evaluations are overlooked.

Contact Parents About Any Student Challenges

As most report cards are sent quarterly, don’t wait to write in the report card comments section if the student is failing to meet expectations. Contact the parents at the first sign of a possible issue to prevent the snowball effect.

Keep Up to Date with Marking

At the end of a long day, it is tempting to set lesson plans aside for a break. While this is fine from time to time, and sometimes mentally necessary, be sure to avoid a backlog of work. Keeping on top of grading will be especially beneficial during report card season.

Invest in the Following Semester

Teachers are constantly needing to think ahead. This is also true with report card comments. Keep a record of the comments for each student in an organized filing system for easy extraction in the following term. Use this to gauge any development or decline in the student’s studies.

Set Reminders

Time is not often on the side of teachers, causing report card season to sneak up with no regard. Plan ahead by tracking report due dates in the form of a paper or digital diary calendar. You may want to set reminders in the weeks and days ahead to ensure you are prepared for the report card writing.

Avoid Jargon

As educators, we tend to speak and write in our own language using codes and terms that many people outside our line of work may not understand. This form of jargon is best left in the classroom. Write report card comments with the intention to clearly communicate the challenges and progress of a student.

Don’t Waffle

Keep report comments short and sweet. No one wants to read two paragraphs before getting to the main point. Having a report card comment bank for each student throughout the term can help you focus on the vital pieces of information you need to convey.

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