7 Tips for Teachers for Making a Good Report Card

Posted by | November 24, 2021

The thought of report cards can often send shivers up the spine of students, and teachers alike. While the student is responsible for the grades, the report card comments are down to the teacher. This valuable assessment tool provides information on a student’s achievements, and direction for future learning. 

Need help writing detailed report card comments? Below, we’ve gathered the seven main objectives for report card remarks in all English-speaking countries. 

Proceed with Compassion

When writing comments, put yourself in the parents’ frame of mind. Start with focusing on the students’ strengths. This will set the tone of the comment section and help you to be in a positive state when writing.

Be Authentic

By beginning on the students’ strengths, it can lead to being able to differentiate between the students and avoid writing the same comment on every report card. Perhaps commenting on a positive quote or action by the student can indicate you do pay attention to the individuality of the student. 

Know Your School

As we know from being students ourselves, schools can use different systems to grade the progress of a student. This may be the case with the comment section on report cards. Know what is expected from your principal or school district before preparing the report card. There are team members in place to assist new or overwhelmed teachers in understanding related policies and procedures. 

Include Your School’s Name, Logo, and Phone Number

Reporting on a student’s progress doesn’t mean jotting down a few comments on a mass-produced paper. Give your report card a professional flare by adding the school’s name, address, and contact phone number. By adding the school’s official logo or emblem, your report card will stand out from the rest!

Use an Easy-to-Read, Clearly Visible Grade Scale

With report card comments, be sure to use straightforward language. Depending on the grade scale used at your school, ensure there is an easy-to-understand legend. It may be beneficial to explain why the student received the mark if it is lower than expected. This can help the parent understand the grading scale. 

Teacher Comments Are Crucial

While the grade scale may be self-explainable to most parents, the comment section is crucial to a student’s future learning process and behaviour. A teacher has the opportunity to use this time to catapult the future learning and teaching of the student to educational success by reaching goals. 

Create a Report Card Comments Bank

We understand by focusing on the individual student, it can take time. That is why creating a “bank” of comment ideas can be a valuable tool. Having this resource can help with times you are at a loss for words, at least constructive words. 
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