4 Digital Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers During the Lockdown

Posted by | April 23, 2020

The current COVID-19 crisis has changed the way students are learning. With schools closed for an indeterminate period of time (likely until the end of the school year), teachers have had to think outside of the box and get creative when it comes to lesson planning.

Now more than ever, it’s important for teachers to incorporate digital classroom management strategies into their lesson planning. If you are a teacher who is trying to maneuver through this unprecedented time, don’t worry; there is help available.

Below are some digital classroom management strategies for teachers that can be used during the lockdown to keep students engaged through online learning.

Upload Online Lectures

One of the best classroom management strategies for teachers during the lockdown is to upload online lectures for students to view on their own time. Mimic the traditional classroom format by filming videos of yourself teaching the course material and upload notes for your students to view and/or download.

This classroom management strategy is ideal for older students who have the discipline and independence to view coursework on their own time. While you can also use it for younger students, it’s best to pair it with interactive learning strategies in that situation…which takes us to our next suggestion.

Brainstorm in Class

Studies show that interactive learning is one of the best ways students retain information and learn.

Consider designating an hour each day for interactive learning. Have your students log in to their Google Classroom (or whatever communication portal you use) and start a live chat where students can brainstorm ideas and work together in groups.

Open discourse allows teachers to evaluate students’ understanding of the course material. It also provides students the opportunity to communicate with their peers and educators alike.

Check in with Your Students Often

During this pandemic, it helps to remember that we are all in this together. When establishing your digital classroom management strategy, make sure you set aside time to check in with your students.

Digital learning may not be easy for everyone. While this format gives students the chance to have a more individualized learning experience, it can also mean some students fall behind.

There are several ways to check in with your students. You could create polls such as Google Forms to get feedback from your students or you could schedule one-on-one check ins to discuss each student’s progress and experience in the digital classroom thus far.

Get Creative with Projects

One of the benefits of the digital classroom is that is enables teachers to get creative with their homework assignments.

Instead of the traditional essay or book report, ask your students to film video reports that they can upload on their YouTube channels. Most students—even those in primary grades—are likely already familiar with this platform.

Creative homework assignments make the learning process more fun and they make a great classroom management strategy for teachers who are trying to keep their students engaged during the lockdown.


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