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Thank you for your help. Now, I am able to type information into the space on the forms whenever I need to. I appreciate your immediate response to my question. I am now very happy and more than satisfied with the product we purchased. This is a real, practical tool and resource that will immediately meet my need in a very professional and time saving way. What a way to impress a substitute teacher!!! Very Sincerely,

Cres Angeles
(San Diego California, USA)

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! A 2 minute response?! WOW. Thanks so much. It has been invaluable to me. You are the pinnacle of customer service!


Thanks for an excellent product.  I used your 1000 Writing Ideas last year for my grade 8 language arts class and it was just great! I hope you continue with this line of work as it is so well done and it has saved me so much time!

Kevin Dodsworth
(Westview Public School, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada)

By the way,  still using the Teacher's Binder after two years!!  It is absolutely indispensable!

Mandy Hutto
(5th Grade Science Teacher, Southwest Laurens Elementary, Rentz, Georgia, USA)

Thank you very much for your email. I have received a receipt and have been able to download the great resource. Thanks so much for your help. All of the forms are great and I've been able to create a wonderful Daybook for September. I will be sure to let other teachers know about your great materials.

Kelly Donaldson
(Grade 2 Teacher, Unionville Public School, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada)

Thank you for these awesome timesavers. I love your site… it is excellent. It was just what I needed today… just downloaded the Unique and Different sheet… there are so many different ideas there for teachers. I have added a couple to my writing course… I came upon your site through Career One… was job hunting…

Marguerite Carstairs
(Woosong Universityand WLI, Daejeon, South Korea)

I got the Teacher’s Binder and it's the best thing a teacher could have.

Laura Robinson

Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate. I've been eyeing this book for years on the internet, and in fact I use many of the samples already in my classroom. They are extremely helpful. However, this year I have a very difficult student and many of the forms will be geared toward him.

Yvonne Conti-O'Brien
(World Languages Teacher, Flood Middle School, Stratford, CT, USA)

Thank you again for the thoughtfulness and the handiness of your forms….I really do appreciate the time your forms  save me!

Barbara A
(Chio, USA)

Thank you for your quick responses to my e-mail. I purchased 3 books on line last night around midnight after looking through the samples and then stood up to 4AM printing samples that I could bring to work with me today to get my class up and running- SMOOTHLY- I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IMPRESSED!!!

Sharon Merchand

Thank you for reactivating my order. I downloaded it to my hard drive and also put in on a CD. I am so excited to have these forms! I wish I would have discovered them sooner.

Stacey Gray
(Special Services Director/School Psychologist for Newcastle Public Schools in Newcastle, OK)

Thank you so much for your wonderful products!  They are printable treasures. Thanks again for your wonderful products!

Karla Nicole Evans

Thank you for the help.  It works beautiful.  I appreciate the promptness  Your product seems to be a great asset to many teachers & administrators.  Best of luck in the future.  I will recommend this product (The Teacher’s Binder) to my faculty.

Roman Fernando
(Yorba Linda, California, USA)

Stevan, It is late, but it is done! Thank you for being so patient with me. You have been extremely kind and persistent on helping me. I apologize for my minimal complaints made into a mountain. Again, I have what I need and am very pleased with my download. I really cannot explain what was going on with the computer, or myself as the operator but I do know without your dedication to this concern it would have never turned out positive! Bless you and know that you made someone's end of the day peaceful and ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

PS I am also quite pleased to be able to have a professional presentation filled in for my school staff to follow.

Shirley Armentrout

Hello again, Well I downloaded the books and I must say WOW!!! I graduated from U of Alberta Ed. program a year ago April. I teach grades 3-9 English Language Arts in a Francophone school. I am the English department! But I am an old hand as a mom. We have a 19yr old son and 11 yr old daughter. I've been around the school system for 15yrs. When I went back to school full-time it was to finally live my dream to become a professional educator. ( I was always a teacher!!) In our curriculum and pedagogical classes we were always asking the expert teachers in front of us for resources to help us especially as first year teachers. They didn't give us anything like this ! Now here is where your eBooks come in! If we had been made aware of this resource, would my beginning of the year ever have looked different. Your teacher binder puts in place at the touch of a finger EVERYTHING needed to run a classroom smoothly with the emphasis on STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY rather than make work situations for teachers!!!!! Thank you!!! and Marjan for directing me to your website, although it wasn't exactly what I was looking for! No accidents!

Re 1000 Quick Writing Ideas: I photocopied each page 5 times on to card stock. I will laminate the cards eventually. At the beginning of each writing workshop I hand out cards randomly to the students. I give them 2 minutes from the time I finish to choose a prompt and begin writing, then collect the cards. I choose one too and write as well. Depending on my grade level, I time them 5-15 minutes. Then they are invited it share any part of their writing they wish. We discuss what we liked and a way to make it better. Sometimes I tell them to write for their eyes only and no expectation to share is given. My students are writing with an eye to polishing 5 different pieces for the end of May, out of all of their current works. The kids have written some wonderful 'stuff' sparked by the prompts. I can hardly wait to see their final, polished pieces!

Just teach it is going into action in June! What a find. I'll send student reviews of that project when we are finished. I do plan to collect the rest of your books! Even the math ones as my daughter struggles in Math and I hope they might boost her learning! Again, thanks. I've only begun to explore the possibilities! I'm even more excited about next year!

Darlene Turnbull
(Ecole la Prairie, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

Thanks. I am enjoying using your materials I ordered for my classroom.  Thanks again!

Ms. Cockrel

It worked beautifully tonight!  Thanks again for sending a second time.  Love your extremely useful pages.

Letha Rice

Thank you so much for replying so quickly. I downloaded adobe and it worked. By the way, your books are great! Thanks a bunch.

Lipsy Patel
(Rand School, Montclair, NJ, USA)

I am happy with the materials. I will be able to make good use of them and am grateful for all the information in one place.

Morgan Cooper

Thank you for seeing my mistake and sending me these great links. I have told several of the teachers that I work with about your site. I think it is wonderful.

Mrs. Sullivan
(Navaho Reservation school, Vilas, CO, USA)

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I have found the worksheets to be of a great benefit.  I haven't scanned each one yet but what I have seen so far, I am impressed.  Please keep sending me more forms, I love it.

Laurie Erickson
(Yankton Christian School Yankton, SD)

I have already notified some colleagues about The Teacher’s Binder as well as the other materials offered on your site. I will definitely be using it for the coming school year.

Ann Hopkins

I found your download instructions very clear and easy to understand. It didn’t take long to download the files. I printed ALL of your books, bought heavy duty plastic protector sheets, and notebooks. I am now organized and added some of...

Kathleen Taylor

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy receiving these worksheets….they really are timesavers!! Thanks so much

Mary Lisker

I received the disk and was able to open it. Everything is fine. I am very pleased with the books. I will let my friends know about your web site and its benefits. I'm looking forward to seeing other products that I can order. Thanks for...


When my grade 11 son shows an interest in something I have to say, that says a lot!  When I told him about The Essay Writing Kit, he was very interested.

Marjan Glavac
(, Ontario, Canada)

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