JUST MULTIPLY ITt! systematically identifies, records and remedies areas of the multiplication table that have not yet been committed to memory.SPELLING ACTIVITIES FOR SPELLING LISTS: Equips teachers with printable, visually attractive spelling activities that are ready for immediate use. The printable & easy to use worksheets help students identify, correct, record, practice, test and learn how to spell commonly misspelled words. Use one activity at a time, only a few, or all of the sheets together as part of a year long individualized spelling program. It systematically helps students learn how to spell their misspelled, often-used words, subject word lists, or words that have been misspelled through personal writing.MATH TIMESAVERS - often used classroom math forms, useful and printable pages for the Intermediate & Junior math classroom.REPORT CARD AND IEP COMMENTS for teachers:  Introductory comments, Homework completion, Class participation, Group work, Problem solving, Behavior, Writing tasks, Writing process, Proofreading, Editing, Language conventions, Spelling, Reading, Reading comprehension, Decoding, Reading fluency, Oral communication, Listening skills, Self-control, Motivation, Work habit, Organizational & Social skills, Math, Problem solving, Science... and more!1000 QUICK WRITING IDEAS - 1000 Writing Prompts and Quick Writing Ideas - includes common writing forms that assist in the classroom.TEACHER'S BINDER - World's largest collection of often used classroom forms (interactive and printable). Helps teachers with classroom management, organization and saving time.
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TIMESAVERS for TEACHERS specializes in report card comments, printable, often-used classroom forms, worksheets, spelling activities, practical teacher tools, and downloadable teacher resources that improve classroom management, saving teachers valuable time. Be well organized and a better prepared teacher by using Stevan Krajnjan’s 11 popular books... and  have more time for other things in life also. Life is way too short to waste time!

“The most precious gift you can give anybody is... more time.”
“Life is too short to waste time.”

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Classroom Timesavers, teacher forms, printable classroom resource for teachers, worksheets, tool for teachersTHE ESSAY WRITING KIT:  a unique interactive, essay planning tool designed to help students organize and make all common essay planning and writing tasks simpler and far less frustrating.CLASSROOM AWARDS, CERTIFICATES AND PASSES - complete collection of visually attractive classroom awards, certificates and often-used passes.JUST TEACH IT! is a 31 page complete unit that helps teachers and students end their academic year with a “bang”. Every student gets to research, prepare and teach classmates a lesson, skill or an activity that they do well. Clear instructions, well organized information and detailed evaluation sheets are included. Saves 1.5 months of planning!SUBSTITUTE TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS KIT - helps teachers organize classroom substitute teacher instructions and routines in the event of absence. Type, modify and save instructions.QUICK LESSON IDEAS: 8 quick, easy-to-use, printable lessons for the busy 4-8 language or core teacher. Activities and evaluation rubrics are included.



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