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Some of the free teacher forms that you see below can be downloaded instantly by simply clicking on the links below. Directly below are displayed links that lead to yet more pages within the website where additional freebies and resources can be downloaded as well. Moreover, you may want to check out our very popular FREEBIES MEMBERSHIP which offers 9 free e-books and over 60+ downloads and ideas, just within the first year.

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free form and file downloads
Never Give Up! inspirational poster that can be pasted in front of teacher’s desk, top of the blackboard etc., encouraging and reminding students to keep going, working hard and ‘never give up’. My students loved it!
Essay Rubric this carefully designed rubric makes essay marking easy! Different levels of achievement are described and even converted into grades and specific percentages. Space below the rubric is made available for additional teacher comments. Parents love seeing their child’s work marked this way! (See the rest of the pages at: “Essay Writing Kit”)
9 Keys to Effective Discipline expert advice from parents of LifeMinders family (2 Pages, excellent
How to be an Organized Teacher quick set of tips and instructions for teachers on how to become and stay organized in the classroom.
Responsibility Inventory set of 12 questions that may be given to students for filling out. This printable resource provides great insights into individual student learning habits.


To download the many freebies listed below, simply click on each of the links and then download the free files from the product landing page where they are listed.

from 1000 quick writing ideas (prompts)
100 Quick Writing Prompts 100 prompts page that teachers can photocopy, distribute to students, and have it used as a resource during language classes. It has been applied successfully to motivate and assist reluctant writers during creative and journal writing activities. If your students like using the 100 prompts, wait until you see how they react to 1000!
Often-used Prefixes this form is a practical list of alphabetically listed prefixes, their meanings, and examples of use in common words.
from the report card comments collection
15 Homework Completion Comments these free comments may be used by teachers to report accurately on student homework and assignment completion.
13 Free Report Card Comments help yourself to this list of free comments in the following area of reporting: Introductory, Homework Completion, Writing, Proofreading and Editing, Spelling, and Reading.
10 More Report Card Comments these ten comments are also free and may be used for reporting student achievement levels in Reading Comprehension, Oral Communication, Class Participation, Mathematics, and the Writing Process.
10 Reading and Writing Comments Use these comments to report student achievement in areas of Reading, and Writing.
10 Language Comments This free download contains report comments in the following areas: Oral Communication, Proofreading and Editing, Writing Process, Spelling, and also Reading Comprehension.
6 Math Comments Six free math comments that can help you report in areas of Math Problem Solving, General Mathematics Comments and Number Sense and Numeration.
6 Behavior Comments Find here 6 free comments to be used for reporting on your students’, Effort and Motivation, Class Behaviors Necessary for Success’, and Accepting Responsibility for Own Behavior.
6 Science Comments Several general report comments to use as you report student achievement in area of science.
6 Spelling Comments This is a sample of comments that belong to a 5 page long collection of additional spelling comments that are included in the Report Card Comments collection.
from the essay writing kit
What is an Essay? visually attractive handout for students that answers the question, “What is an Essay”… it also makes a nice bulletin board display.
Organize Subtopics interactive graphic organizer that helps students brainstorm and plan the basic essay structure (introduction, main topic, subtopics and conclusion). Try typing and see what happens!
Subtopics in more detail another interactive, editable form that students get to type more detailed information about their essay subtopics. Try typing!
from the substitute teacher instructions kit
Substitute Teacher Instructions this is an interactive page of instructions that a teacher would fill out and leave for a substitute during an absence. interactive version of the Substitute Kit e-book enables teachers to enter information directly onto pages and then save or modify, as needed, year after year.
The Seating Plan The seating plan is one of the many included forms that teachers get to fill out for the substitute teacher informing him/her of the place where each of the students I class sit during the regular class.
from teacher’s binder
Homework Not Done two versions of interactive forms on one page
Missing Assignment (2 Pages) composed of 4 interactive forms, all titled using different font and images.
Homework Record Form this form helps teachers maintain an accurate record of homework completion. This is always good to have available during a parent-teacher conference where student work habits and completion of work may be discussed.
Lesson Plan Template 1 page, single lesson plan template.
Free Computer Pass set of 8 free, colorful computer passes to be given to students as a reward – print, cut, store a pile of them for future use.
Book Jot Note Strips for Reading this is a very practical printable page made up of two visually attractive jot note strips that teacher may photocopy, cut and hand out to students for use during reading of a novel. Invite them to jot down basic information about the book, words to look up, names of characters and pen additional notes that come to mind during a reading activity. Print and cut out many, and make additional copies available for taking.
Student Evaluation Template colorful and clear evaluation template page that shows achievement in terms of levels (1-4), letter grade, percentage, level of performance, and even a definition of each level of achievement in words. Extra space is made available for teachers to list specific criteria and additional comments. Give this form a try and expect the parents and administration to be pleased with your concise and clear evaluation of student work. The interactive version of this form allows direct typing and editing of information, including saving.
This Is Me! two-page personal inventory form gives students a chance to share important information about themselves, but also offer key information and insight into their needs and who they are as individuals. A word of caution - teachers must handle this information carefully and use it wisely. Answers to questions should be optional and voluntary.
Parent Contact Form convenient and simple form that helps teachers record information about every contact that has been made with parents/guardian during a school year.
Student Anecdotal Notes Form many things happen in lives of students while they are in your classroom that need to be noted and recorded. Use this form to record significant anecdotal notes about individual students that (negative incidents, issues, exchanged words, specific information, noteworthy achievements, etc.,
Classroom Tracking Sheet use this form to keep track of completed jobs, actions taken, items handed in. etc., by students.
from spelling activities for spelling lists
Creative Letters Spelling Activity spelling list activity where students are asked to write each of the list words in a creative, colorful, and unusual fonts style using different shapes, sizes, ideas and a lot of imagination.
Silly Story Spelling Activity on this worksheet students get to write a story that is silly, possible functional in nature, using all of one’s spelling list words.
Prefixes and Suffixes Spelling Activity this printable worksheet requires students to identify, circle and color text of prefixes and suffixes of each spelling list word.
Smorgasbord of Spelling activities Worksheet 5 activities that students get to do with their spelling list words. This one has always been one of my students’ favorites!
from math timesavers
Multiplication Table Chart 12 x 12 multiplication table chart that can be photocopied and handed out to students. Some teachers cut and paste them to corners of student desks.
Fractions Chart very practical visual aid and handout the helps students understand fractions. This is a popular download.
Cube Net this form shows a cube net that can be cut out, as is, and glued to construct a cube. If a larger cube is needed, simply enlarge the image of the cube.
Math Grid (1 cm ) download this ,1 cm, printable grid that can be used for variety of purposes in the Math class or elsewhere.
from just multiply it!
The Just Multiply It Method this sheet explains the Just Multiply It! method steps that teachers take to help students memorize multiplication facts.
Just Multiply It Assessment Form (2 pages ) identifies areas of the multiplication table that students have not yet committed to memory. Instructions are simple and assessment can be performed by either a teacher or another student - answer sheet is included.
Individual Student Assessment Record Form helps the teacher recorded ‘misses’, parts of the table not yet memorized. Teacher would then refer to this form when deciding on which part of the multiplication table needs remediation.
Multiplication Practice Worksheet ( 2pages ) this is an example of a practice sheet that students love to use because each horizontal strip of practice is pre-folded, and then unfolded during the process. This is a fun, hands-on and tactile experience for the student. Answer sheet is included, and may be used for marking the practice sheet.
from classroom awards, certificates and passes
Class Participation Award standard certificate form that is given out to students at the end of the year. The interactive version makes it possible to actually type the name of the student and other information, and the save the file and print.
Amazing! Superb! Incredible! Certificate of Praise This can be handed out to students that you would like to praise for something that they have done well. It is a visually attractive award, that students always love to receive.
from the time capsule unit
Time Capsule Sample Pages 3 sample pages from the unit that include, introduction for teachers and students pages, and also a page of student activities.
Evaluation of Writing Form this very practical evaluation form is used to evaluate the writing that is to be includes as part of the buried Time Capsule.

“You may want to check out our very popular FREEBIES MEMBERSHIP which offers 9 free e-books and over 60+ downloads and ideas, just within the first year. “



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Thank you for the information. I was able to successfully download this file at school. Thank you for all of your hard work putting this together! It has saved me many hours. As a 1st year teacher, there are not enough hours in a day so this...

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Hello again, Well I downloaded the books and I must say WOW!!! I graduated from U of Alberta Ed. program a year ago April. I teach grades 3-9 English Language Arts in a Francophone school. I am the English department! But I am an old hand as a...

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